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Door insect screen with an aluminium frame

Made to measure

Dispatch within 20 days

Guarantee 24 months

Door insect screen with an aluminium frame

    • Door insect screen with an aluminium frame resistant to bending
    • In most cases, the insect screen can be fitted on doors with exterior blinds if there's at least 16 mm space between them
    • The ClearView netting has improved transparency
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The door insect screen with aluminium frame can be assembled in a few moments

Keep yourself at home without the annoyance of insects. The door insect screen will help you with that. The screen consists of aluminium frame and the ClearView netting which excels in great transparency and optimized air ventilation (in comparison with other fiberglass nettings). You can easily adjust the frame size to the size of your doors yourself using just a hand saw and Easy-fit corner connectors.

The aluminium frame is highly resistant to bending. As a part of the frame, there is a self-closing mechanism ensuring permanent protection effect against the insects. Door insect screens can be fitted on doors with exterior blinds as long as there is at least 16 mm space between the door and the blind.

You can pick the insect screen size from a choice of two - single door or french door. Both these sizes can be adjusted further at home if needed. There are two frame colours to choose from while the netting always comes in anthracite.

You can complete your no-obligation order without any worries, this is just for the sole purpose of us having your contact details.

We will contact you within 2 working days to inform you, whether it's possible for us to perform the installation in your location and how much we will charge for it. Usually the installation fee is 15 % of the total price of your order. As a payment method, please choose the electronic bank transfer and don't pay anything just yet. We will contact you later with further details.

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