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OPEN/CLOSE velcro insect screen

Made to measure

Dispatch within 7 days

Guarantee 24 months

OPEN/CLOSE velcro insect screen

    • This insect screen is suitable for windows with shutters or window-boxes on the outside ledge
    • Can be opened and closed at any time
    • Easy installation with the Easy-on velcro system and easy removal without any residues
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Do you need to water your flowers on the outside of your window daily? No problem at all

The main function of the netting is clear - to keep insects away from your home. But what if you need a frequent access to window-boxes or shutters? The OPEN/CLOSE netting might be just the solution.

Simple installation with the Easy-on velcro system

Everything you need for the netting installation comes in the package- self-adhesive velcro, cutter and pressing device. Netting is washable on 30°C and reusable. There are no residues and traces after removal.

Installation procedure:

1/ Clean your window thoroughly, then stick velcro using base tape on the window frame along its entire perimeter.

2/ Press the netting into the velcro mesh

3/ Using the pressing device secure and stretch out the netting.

4/ Finally, using the cutter or scissors trim excess netting and job's done.

Netting can now be opened and closed at any time or removed entirely at your will.

You can complete your no-obligation order without any worries, this is just for the sole purpose of us having your contact details.

We will contact you within 2 working days to inform you, whether it's possible for us to perform the installation in your location and how much we will charge for it. Usually the installation fee is 15 % of the total price of your order. As a payment method, please choose the electronic bank transfer and don't pay anything just yet. We will contact you later with further details.

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