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Step-through door insect screen XL

Made to measure

Dispatch within 7 days

Guarantee 24 months

Step-through door insect screen XL

    • The insect screen consists of 5 strips of fibreglass netting
    • Quick and easy installation without drilling thanks to velcro attachment
    • Adjustable size for up to 1.2 x 2.5 m door dimensions is suitable for large terrace entrances
    • Stabilizing weights at the bottom of the netting strips enable automatic closing
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Don't allow annoying insects to enter your home

Stop chasing flies and mosquitos around your house once and for all. After fitting the door insect screen you'll be able to ventilate your house from dawn to dusk without being disturbed by uninvited insects. The insect screen can be ordered online and after the delivery easily fitted on your door frame. This XL type is suitable for large entrances. If you need an insect screen for normal size doors or smaller entrances, please proceed to this insect screen type. 

Drilling-free installation in a few minutes

The door insect screen consists of 5 netting strips. Insert these in the headrail so they overlap and seal them in. Adjust the insect screen size to your door as shown in the enclosed manual. Attach the headrail to the door frame using velcro.

You can complete your no-obligation order without any worries, this is just for the sole purpose of us having your contact details.

We will contact you within 2 working days to inform you, whether it's possible for us to perform the installation in your location and how much we will charge for it. Usually the installation fee is 15 % of the total price of your order. As a payment method, please choose the electronic bank transfer and don't pay anything just yet. We will contact you later with further details.

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