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'I sold my first window blind 17 years ago.'

That's how the story of the creation of our e-shop begins.

It has been quite a few years since my friend and I started production and selling of made-to-measure window blinds. At the very start, we did everything ourselves- ringing around different companies, posting leaflets, handing out flyers and offering blinds to everybody everywhere we could. There were a few people who tried to discourage us but that's what motivated us even more- we wanted to prove to all of them that we've got everything it takes to build a prospering company making stable profits by selling blinds.

Since the beginning, our main blinds supplier has been a renowned Czech company - ISOTRA. Back then, choosing a high quality products manufacturer was essential for us.

At first we drove around the whole country together and installed the blinds ourselves. Suddenly, the demand for blinds started to rise and we were forced to add other members to our team. With larger team we could afford to work separately at different places at the same time. I never considered myself a great all-rounder or a skilled handyman, but the blind installations worked for us, our job was done well and our customers were satisfied. In the end, nevertheless, our joint business trips parted with my friend, and we each went in a different direction to a different circle of customers.

One thing kept puzzling me though...Why should it not be possible to pass on all the necessary information to customers, to help them and to enable them to measure, order and, in the end, install the shading products themselves - after all, I can do it myself without any difficulty and mistakes. All I need to arrange for the customers is the production and delivery. But if we managed it so many years ago shortly after school with knowledge in the field of shading and trade approaching almost zero, why wouldn't it be possible for someone now using our acquired know-how and our experience with installation.

This way I can guide people to buy custom-made shading products and save them money by eliminating the need to pay for a technician's trip to measure their windows and then return to install the blinds . In addition, the customer dictates the whole schedule at times that suit them.

And that's why we launched the e-shop back in 2015. Since then, we have been joined by more talented people on which we and our customers can fully rely. We work together on the e-shop on a daily basis and we try to improve not only the shopping environment for you, but also the services associated with it. We take pride on friendly and reliable communication, quality products and full support of our customers.

— Pavel Hrdlička, CEO and founder of Labona s.r.o.


''So far, I have ordered a lot of different goods throughout various e-shops, mostly with a positive result. However, your shop and your approach have exceeded all my expectations and in my view you are at the top of a pyramid of e-shops. Despite ordering just a little cheap spare part for my blinds, you did your best when processing the order and communicating with the client, which I haven't encountered many times in my life and I really appreciated it.''

Customer review by Ladislav Š. on

We will always keep you informed

For each shading product, we have prepared clear instructions and videos so that you are ready for every step, whether it's getting prepared with a pencil and a tape for measuring or the correct size drill and dowels for the blinds installation.

We guarantee the quality of our products

Just like in the beginning, even today we pay attention to the selection of reliable partners. We continue to adhere to the first-class products from the above-mentioned company Isotra a.s. Our main supplier of electric drives, sensors and control systems is the Somfy company.

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