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Wooden blinds

We make to measure
2 to 5-year warranty
Made in the EU

Wooden blinds

  • Blinds made of Canadian linden wood, choice of slats 25 or 50 mm

  • A beautiful shading element that will help bring nature into the interior
  • You can choose from more than 18 shades of wood stain
  • We can produce blinds up to a shaded area of 4 m2
  • Blind slats are available in two sizes - 25 mm and 50 mm
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Natural materials are cool

Today, the combination of modern materials and natural elements is a big hit. So, wooden blinds can be the last cherry on a top to complete your home.

The blind is in our offer in two variants according to the width of the slats. You can choose narrower lamellas in the size of 25 mm, which then create a softer impression, or lamellas in the width of 50 mm. You can order a wooden blind up to a shaded area of 4 m2.

The blind is made of Canadian linden wood. Because it is wood, it is surface-treated by staining and you have a choice of shade. You can choose from more than 18 shades from white, through light shades such as golden oak, to dark as wenge or black.

Control it with a few simple movements

The blind is controlled by a cord with a "pear" and a rod. You tilt the slats with a rod, pull them out and pull them off with a cord. In the case of blinds with wider slats, the control is using by a cord with "pears" and their fixing is ensured by a cable.

You can handle the installation easily

Like all other blinds from our offer, wooden blinds are an easy product to measure and install. We have prepared manuals for both. With them, you can playfully do it yourself and save money thanks to that.

You can complete your no-obligation order without any worries, this is just for the sole purpose of us having your contact details.

We will contact you within 2 working days to inform you, whether it's possible for us to perform the installation in your location and how much we will charge for it. Usually the installation fee is 15 % of the total price of your order. As a payment method, please choose the electronic bank transfer and don't pay anything just yet. We will contact you later with further details.

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