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A custom bioclimatic pergola on your own? No problem nowadays

A pergola is for most people a symbol of a place to relax in the garden or on the terrace. And when you think about a pergola at your home, it occurs to you that only a specialized company should handle the installation? Yes, that's also an option for those who don't have the time or aren't inclined towards manual work. For DIY enthusiasts looking to enhance their homes, there's a second option – you can now order and install a bioclimatic aluminum pergola yourself. Let's take a look at how the construction of a pergola progresses step by step.

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What are the main differences of the ARTOSI pergola compared to competing bioclimatic pergolas?

Over the past year, we had the opportunity to attend 3 major fairs and thus see more competitive pergolas. This article is not intended to denigrate foreign products but to highlight the advantages and benefits of the ARTOSI pergola. If you are planning to purchase a bioclimatic pergola for your terrace and plan to visit more sellers, focus on the following points.

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