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What are the main differences of the ARTOSI pergola compared to competing bioclimatic pergolas?

Over the past year, we had the opportunity to attend 3 major fairs and thus see more competitive pergolas. This article is not intended to denigrate foreign products but to highlight the advantages and benefits of the ARTOSI pergola. If you are planning to purchase a bioclimatic pergola for your terrace and plan to visit more sellers, focus on the following points.

The way and speed of the lamellas rotation

Some manufacturers use rods that rotate the lamellas. The rods are firmly attached to the lamellas, so even when the roof is tilted to allow the maximum amount of sunlight, these rods cast shadows. At the same time, it is a less aesthetic method. There are more "exposed" joints where malfunctions and jerky movements can occur. The tilting of the lamellas was significantly slower compared to our pergola.

The ARTOSI pergola has lamellas controlled by a drive on one side of the roof profile. Thus, no cables, rods, or other control elements of the lamellas are visible. Thanks to the sufficiently powerful drive, the speed of tilting the lamellas is smoother and quieter.

Tilting of pergola lamellas

Dividing the roof part into 2 sections

A significant advantage of the ARTOSI pergola is the possibility of dividing the roof part into 2 sections. Each of them can then be controlled separately.

By dividing into 2 parts, you can get a differently shaded area for sitting and next to it, for example, for grilling, where the partially opened roof allows air to circulate and immediately removes the smoke from the grill.

Stronger profiles ensure greater stability even with a more subtle and elegant construction

The construction of the ARTOSI pergola is made of aluminum profiles with a thickness of 4 mm. This allows the entire construction to be made more subtly while being much firmer and more stable. The standing legs of the ARTOSI pergola have a dimension of only 11 x 11 cm.

Subtle pergola construction

Competitive pergolas had standing legs and the roof load-bearing part mostly made of 2.5-3 mm thick profiles, and it was thus necessary to make the construction more robust and bulky.

Integration of screen blinds

If you decide to integrate screen blinds into the pergola, then look at the integration of covering boxes. In the ARTOSI pergola, we care about clean design, so the boxes for screen blinds align with the top profile and standing legs.

In competitive pergolas, we often encountered misaligned and protruding boxes, which spoiled the overall impression.

Alignment and matching of the covering box with the pergola construction

Matching colors of the construction and covering boxes for blinds

This was another very common observation - the painting of the pergola construction often did not match the painting of the covering boxes and guide rails of the blinds.

We deliver the ARTOSI pergola and screen blinds from one workshop and they are painted with identical colors. We can beautifully match both shading into one whole.

Adjustable height of stands for installation

It is not always possible to maintain the exact height and flatness of the floor and base for the pergola. With the ARTOSI pergola, you can easily adjust the height of each standing leg separately and perfectly level the pergola.

Integration of electricity for use under the pergola

If you wish to work under the pergola or use any equipment, we can lead electricity to outlets in the standing leg.

Creating a home summer cinema

Thanks to the electricity supply, you can create a private summer cinema in the space under the pergola in a few seconds. Connect a projector, pull down one screen blind, and you can project a movie or a sports match of your favorite club with friends.

Everything from one manufacturer

The bioclimatic ARTOSI pergola, including screen blinds, is manufactured and supplied as a complete set from one manufacturer, the renowned Czech company ISOTRA a.s. Everything is fully compatible, details are refined, colors are harmonized and uniform.

If you go to see it live, pay attention to all the details. They may be small, but they can have a big impact on the overall functionality and appearance. If you are interested in the ARTOSI pergola, do not hesitate to contact us.


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