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6 důvodů proč pořídit robotickou sekačku


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How to choose blinds?

When the word "blinds" comes up, most people usually think of window shading. However, when it comes to deciding what type of blinds to get for your home, the choice isn't always so clear. That's why we've prepared an article for you in which we'll discuss 3 basic types of blinds.

The most popular types of interior shading

In today's time, interior shading is one of the most important elements when furnishing homes and offices. It helps maintain privacy and provides protection against sunlight and heat, while adding style and elegance to the interior. Among the most popular types of shading are horizontal blinds, vertical blinds, and fabric roller blinds.

Intelligent shading systems: the future of home automation

In today's age, as technology continuously advances, intelligent shading systems have become an integral part of the smart home concept. Products from leading manufacturer Somfy, a leader in automated solutions for households, represent a significant leap forward for intelligent shading systems. They are synonymous with innovation and comfort, transforming everyday life.

Sun, rain, wind, and privacy - ARTOSI pergola can handle it all

Pergola doesn't have to be just an ordinary shelter on your terrace or in your garden. When choosing the right type, it will be your favorite place to spend time with family, friends, or alone.